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Diggers For Sale.
Yanmar B25V Mini Digger,
Year 2007, 2100hours, Keypad security system, 2speed tracking, Rubbertracks, Outstanding condition, 

JCB JS130 digger, 2006, hammerlines, air con,air seat, hydraulic quick hitch, 7000 hours, 3 buckets, works perfect.

Volvo ec15, 2002, 2100 hours, 1 owner from new, good tracks, very nice machine

Kubota kx61-3, 2010, 2.5ton, klac hitch, 3 buckets, 1500hrs, hi security system, good condition inside and out, works perfect

Kubota kx36, hitch and 3 bucket, 2000hrs, 2007, good condition and good working order.

Volvo ec15 mini digger, 1.5 ton, 3000hrs, 50% tracks, 2 buckets,

Yanmar b15-3, full cab, 2 speed tracking, 3 buckets, 2006, 3000hrs, good working order.

Takeuchi TB014, 2004, 2 speed tracking, 2 buckets, vgc, good working order,

Takeuchi TB016, 2008, expandable tracks, 1600hrs, hitch 4 buckets, 50% tracks, 2 speed tracking,

Takeuchi TB108 micr digger, 2008, 3 buckets, folding rops frame, good working order,

Kubota kx71-3, 2010, 3 ton, 1500hrs, klac hitch, 3 buckets, very good condtion, good working order, hi security system.

JCB 1cx, 1998, back actor, hammerlines, good working order, dont see many. all works as it should. must be seen


Hitachi ZX50, 5 ton mini digger, 2007, quick hitch, 3 buckets, hammerlines, 50% rubber tracks, 5000hrs

 Cat 211lc digger, servo controls, deutz engine, very good undercarriage, 3 buckets, good working order.

Kubota kx101, 4 ton digger, quick hitch, 4 buckets, 90% tracks, 2 speed tracking, nice digger
Yanmar vio 15, expandable undercarriage, 2 speed tracking, choice of 2
Komatsu pc27mr, 2.9ton, 2006, works perfect
Hitachi FB100, back hoe, quick hitch, 2002, 4 buckets, full spec
2007 Kubota U50, 3300 hours, 5 ton, 3 buckets, 70%tracks, hammer lines
choice of 2
Hitachi FH120, 13ton, undercarriage 70%
Kubota kx61-3, 2007, 2400 hours, 4 buckets, very nice
Yanmar sv08 micro digger
klac hitch
3 buckets
adjustable undercarriage
Yanmar vio15, 1.5t, zero swing, adjustable undercarriage, 2 speed tracking, klac hitch, 3 buckets, 2200hrs, 2008
Yanmar sv17, 1.7t, 2 speed tracking, 2007, 1500hrs, 3 buckets, hammerlines,
choice of 2
Hitachi ex30, 2003, 2 speed tracking, 80% tracks, quick hitch with 2 buckets,
nice digger
Yanmar vio30, zero swing, 3.3ton, 2008, quick hitch, 2 buckets, 2 speed tracking
Takeuchi tb016, expandable carriage, 2007, good working order.
Komatsu pc60-6, 80% rubber tracks, 2 buckets, VGC good working order.
Kubota kx36-3, 2007, quick hitch, 4 buckets, 2000hrs, choice of 5
Hitachi ZX80BLC, 2006, rubber block tracks, quick hitch, hammerlines, air con, 3 buckets.

Also 2004 for £16,500 ring for info.
Cat 432D, 2003, servo controls, 40% tyres, rear quick hitch, 4 buckets, full spec
Takeuchi TB016, 1.6t, 2006, 2500hrs, expanding undercarriage, 2 speed, new tracks, 3 buckets, hammerlines, vgc
 Hitachi ZX16, 1.6Ton, hammerlines, 2 speed tracking, nice digger
Takeuchi TB016, 2008, adjustable undercarriage, quick hitch, 2 buckets, 2000hrs, choice of 3!
from £7,500
Pel-job eb36, 3.5t, servo controls, steel tracks, good working order,
Kubota kx36, 3000hours, rubber tracks 50%, hammer lines, very good condition.
Yanmar BV15, 1.5ton. good condition, good working order, runs nice. 2 buckets.
Cat 318BL, 2001, mechanically perfect, hammer lines, hydraulic quick hitch, undercarriage down.
Yanmar b-008 micro digger, 2008, 1900hrs, 3 buckets, expandable tracks,

Terex HR12 Mini Digger, 
Year 2004, Adjustable undercarriage, 2000hours, quickhitch and 4buckets, also a breaker, Good condition, 
Takeuchi TB015 Mini Digger, 
Year 2002, Adjustable undercarriage, 2speed tracking, Rubber tracks 50%, 2000 hours, very good condition, 
Kubota KH41 Mini Digger, 
In perfect working order, Rubber tracks, 2buckets, Very original, 
JCB 8015 Mini Digger, 
Year 2001, Very good condition, Rubber tracks 50%, Hammerlines, 2buckets, low hours, 
Kubota KX41-2 Mini Digger, 
Year 2003, 2speed tracking, full cab, 3buckets, 
outstanding condition, 1owner from new, Very low hours,
Catterpillar 302.5 Mini Digger, 
2.5tonne, Year 2004, 1owner, 1500hours, 2speed tracking, hitch and 6buckets, immaculate throughout, 
Yanmar V1045 Digger, 
5Tonne, Year 2006, 80% rubber tracks, hitch and 3 buckets, very tidy, 2600hours, 
JCB JS160 LC Excavator, 
Hydraulic hitch, 3buckets, very tidy digger, 
Undercarriage down, 
£13500. Or can replace undercarriage.
Yanmar BV15 Mini Digger, 
Year 2002, 3buckets, 2speed tracking, needs a little tyding, works perfect, 
Yanmar BV15Mini Digger,
Year 2005, 2000hours, 3buckets, 2speed tracking, 
Yanmar vio75, 2006, 7.5ton, 0 swing, 4 buckets, rubber tracks 50%, hammerlines, VGC £16.500
Kubota u25 Mini Digger,
Year 2008, 2050hours, 2.5tonne, zero tail swing, quickhitch, 3buckets, 1owner,£13250.
Takeuchi TB125's Mini Diggers,
Year 2009, Choice of 4, Hours 1000-1200,
Quick Hitch, 3buckets, Hammerlines, Very good condition,
Prices from £13250.
Takeuchi  TB016 Mini digger,
Year 2004, Expanding undercarriage,
2 speed tracking, Very low hours,
Catterpillar 317 Excavator,
Year 1999, Undercarriage 80%,
Very good original condition,
Kubota KX161-2 Midi Digger,
Year 2001, wide steel tracks,
Hammerlines 2speed tracking, 4buckets,
Immaculate condition, needs to be seen,
Daewoo solar 220 LC-3 excavator. 1998. 20ton. In very good original condition. Works perfect. Ideal export. £10,000 
JCB 801.5, 1.5ton, 2002, runs nice, low hours , 2 buckets.

JCB 3CX Turbo site master, 
Year 1988 Grey cab, 4WD, Full spec, 
Good original condition, 

Massey Ferguson 50HX Digger,
Year 1986, 4buckets, 4in1 Front bucket, Oversized front tyres, 2600 Genuine hours, 
This has got to be the best in the country, 
View is a must.
JCB JS130 Excavator, 
Year 1999, Undercarriage 90%, 
Hydraulic Hitch, 2buckets, 
Hammerlines, This Digger is in amazing conidition and needs to be seen, 

Volvo EC25 Mini Digger,
Year 2003, 3buckets, Rubber tracks at 60%, 
Very good condition, 

JCB 803 Mini Digger.
Year 1998, Brand new rubber tracks, 3buckets,
2speed tracking, Good condition, 

Kubota KX41-3V Adjustable undercarriage,
Year 2007, full cab, 2speed tracking, Quickhitch, 4buckets, 3800hours, Very sort after.

Kubota KX36-3 Mini Digger, 
Year 2006, Only 1200hours, quickhitch, 
Full service records, Immaculate condition, 
Tracks 80%. 

Kubota KX36-3 Mini Digger, 
Year 2011, 16weeks old, antitheft plus system, 
100hours, 3buckets, as new, Massive saving and beat waiting,

Yanmar BV15-3 Mini Digger,
Year 2004, 2speed tracking, Hammerlines, 
3buckets, 3300hours, good condition, 

Yanmar BV22 Mini Digger, 
Year 2003, 2.6Tonne, 3buckets, 
2600hours, 2speed tracking, Hammerlines. Good condition, 

Hitatchi Airman EX22 2.5tonne, Mini digger,
4000Hours, 2buckets, Very good working order, 

Yanmar V1045 5Tonne Mini Digger, 
Year 2005, Quickhitch and 3 buckets, 
Rubber tracks 40%, Hammerlines, 3000hours, Good condition, 

Hitatchi Airman ZX30,
3Tonne, Mini Diggers. Year 2003, 
Tracks 50%, 4000hours, Hammerlines, 
JCB 3CX Site master,
Year 1999, Manual gearbox, Hammerlines. 
Very good condition. Tyres 60% all round, 
These are getting harder too find,
Yours for £19000!!!!

Komatsu PC50 MR Digger.
5Tonne. Zero tail swing, Year 2008. 
2speed tracking. Hammerlines, Hydraulic quickhitch. Very good condition. Choice of 4. 
From £16500.

Kubota KX36-3 Mini digger.
Year 2008, 1100hours, Very good condition. 

Volvo EC25 Digger.
Year 2006, 2speed tracking. Hammerlines, 
3buckets, 2200hours. Very good condition.

Kubota K008 Micro Digger.
Year 2008, 900hours. 3buckets. Tracks 50%.

Hitatchi EX45 Digger.
4.5Tonne, Year 2001. Two speed tracking. Rubber tracks at 50%. Hammerlines, 2buckets, 
Very good condition.
Hitatchi Zx80 Blc.
Steel tracks. Year 2007. Blade, Offset boom, 
Hydraulic hitch, 4 buckets. 4000hours. 

Kubota KX71-3 Mini Digger. 
Year 2005. 4000hours. 2buckets. 
Rubber Tracks 30%. 2speed tracking.
1owner. Very original. Perfect working order.

Pel-Job EB36 3.5Tonne.
Steel tracks. 2600hours. 3buckets.
Hammerlines, Very good condition. 

Yanmar BV15 Mini Digger
2006. 1.5 ton. 2 speed tracking. 3 buckets. 1700 hours. One owner. Hammer lines. Rubber tracks 60%. Very good condition. 

JCB JS70 7Tonne Digger.
Blades steel tracks. Knuckle boom. Year 1997. 
Very good condition. 2Speed tracking. 

Takeuchi TB125 Mini Digger,
Year 2006. Quickhitch. 2500hours. 
Very good condition. 

Caterpillar 301.6C Mini Digger.
Year 2009. Full cab.2speed tracking. 
800hours. Security System. 

Komatsu PC75 Utility.
Year 2005. Rubber tracks 50%. Hydraulic quick hitch. Blade. Hammerlines. Offset boom. 

Takeuchi TB016 Mini digger.
Year 2006. Expandable tracks. 2speed tracking. 
2000hours. 3Buckets.. Rubber Tracks 60%. 
Hammer lines. 

Volvo EC55 Digger. 
Year 2005. Quickhitch. 4buckets. Rubber tracks. at 80%. Hammer lines. 3000hours. Very good condition. 

Kubota K008 Micro Digger. 
Year 2005. 3buckets. Low hours. Folding ROPS. 
Volvo EC15 Mini Digger.
Year 2004. 50%tracks.2buckets. 
Low Hours.

Caterpillar 307B Excavator. 
year 2002. rubber tracks 90%. 
Hydraulic Hitch. Off set boom. 3700hours.
Very good condition.
Fermec 760 Backhoe digger. 
Full spec, 4WD. Extending arm. 1owner. 
6000hours. 5buckets. tyres at 50% all round.

Volvo ECR88 Plus Digger.
Year 2007. Quickhitch. 3buckets. Hammer lines. 60%rubber tracks. 3000hours. 
1owner. very good condition. 

Takeuchi TB145 Digger.
Year 2004. Quickhitch and 4buckets.
90% rubber tracks. 3000 hours. Excellent condition. 
£13250. Also 2004 TB145 On steel tracks.
ring for details.

Kubota KX41 Mini Digger
Full cab. 2 buckets. Recent new engine. Good working order. Very original. Year 1998. 

JCB 801 Mini Digger.
Rubber tracks. 3 buckets. Full cab. Works perfect. Mid 90's. 

JCB 3CX Turbo Sitemaster
1987. Full spec. Electric shuttle. Very clean. Perfect working order. 

Kubota KX71-2 Mini Digger.
3Tonne. Year 2001. Rubber tracks 70%. 
2speed tracking. 3300hours. 2buckets. 
In very good original condition.

New Holland Kobelco E16 Mini Digger.
1.5Tonne. Year 2005. 4buckets. Very good condition. 

Kubota KX36-2 Mini Digger.
Year 2003. 2000hours. 3buckets. Very good condition. 

Bobcat 320 Mini Digger. 
Year 2000. 3buckets. Low hours. Choice of 2. 
From £3500. 
Massey Ferguson 50B Digger Loader. 
Good condition. Good working order. Choice of 2.
From £2000.

Case Poclain 888 Digger.
15Tonne. 2buckets. In Very good condition. 
2buckets. Ideal self build. 

Yanmar BV15 Mini Digger. 
Year 2000. Tracks 70%. In very good original condition. 3buckets. 

Kubota KX36-2 Alfa Mini Digger.
Year 2003. Rubber tracks 80%. Choice of 3. 
From £4500.

JCB 8060 Digger.
Year 2007. 2000hours. Rubber tracks 60%. Quick Hitch. 2buckets. Hammer lines. 2speed tracking. Choice of 2. 
From £16500.
Also 2004.
Kubota k008
3 buckets
works perfect

Terex TC15
only 400hours
quick hitch
2 buckets
as new

2005 zx30
choice of 2
nice diggers
Kobelco SK20 Mini Digger.
2Tonne. 2buckets. Year 2003. Two speed tracking. Very good condition.
Takeuchi TB125 Mini Digger.
Year 2005. 2000Hours. Quick hitch. 2buckets. 
Very good condition. Tracks 60%. 
JCB 801.4 Mini Digger.
Year 2006. Full cab. Only 1000hours. 
Complete with 2007 1.5Tonne plant trailer.
Very good condition. 
£7500 would sell separately. 
Volvo EC25 Mini Digger. 
Year 2004. Tracks 70% Hammer lines. 2speed tracking. 3buckets. Vandal guards. Very good condition throughout. Low hours. 
Kobelco SK30 3Tonne Mini digger. 
Year 2003. 2200hours. Tracks 95%.
3buckets. Zero tail swing. Hammer lines. Very good condition.
JCB 801.4 Mini Digger. 
Year 2008. Very low hours. 80%tracks.
Large choice. 
From £7250.
Terex schaeff HR32 Digger. 
8Tonne. Year 2004. Quick hitch. 3buckets. Very good rubber tracks. 4000hours. Very good condition throughout.
Takeuchi TB125 Digger.
2.5tonne. quick hitch. 2buckets. Year 2007. Outstanding condition. 
Choice of 3. 
Takeuchi TB125 Mini digger. 
2.5Tonne. Year 2008. 2000hours. Quick hitch.
2buckets. Exceptional condition. Choice of 3.
Bobcat 328.
Year 2009. 850Hours. Quick hitch. Tracks 60%.
Choice of 2. 
£13000. Also 2008s available. 
JCB JS130, Excavator. 
Year 2007. Hammer lines. Air con.
Camera. 4buckets. Hydraulic hitch. 
Service records. Under carriage 60%.
Cab guards. Very good original condition.
Choice of 1.
JCB JS130 Excavator. 
13Tonne. Year 1997. Good working order.
Choice of 2. 
From £7250.
Kolbelco Micro digger. 
1Tonne. Expanding tracks. 2speed tracking. 
1000hours. Brand new tracks. 
Year 2006. 2buckets. 
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